Through Big Data Analytics and Threat Intelligence

Managed Security Services Needs

In spite of an increasing awareness of the need for proactive security measures, many enterprises continue to put off implementing sound security initiatives until they’ve suffered a loss as a result of a data breach. The number of cyber threats is growing, and it is crucial that enterprises prioritize IT security as a result. Whether an organization is lacking in security program maturity or simply wants to expand their security capabilities, managed security services providers are a valuable option because they:

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive managed security services. Adura’s Managed Security Services offer the industry-leading tools, technology and expertise to secure your digital assets 24 x 7.

Our in-house cyber security analysts are not only there to monitor cyberattacks, they are also there to guide you through response and recovery.

Why Adura Managed Security Services?

Platform-based Threat Detection

Adura’s MSS operates on our proprietary big data platform called “Secudium”.  Secudium’s SIEM platform is driven by the latest A.I technology to provide real-time threat analysis and event log correlation for continuous and automated security indicators.

Global Threat Intelligence

Continuous and automated security indicators can be generated using the data gathered from security devices and automation & orchestration among threat intelligence indicators. It makes security experts easy to analyze any vulnerabilities and attacks.

  • Diversify triggers using Artifact information of various indicators
  • Enhance ability to respond to Cyber Kill Chain using each trigger point
  • Blending data to your goals to give meaningful Insight

Serving the needs of enterprises and SMEs

Adura and Innovix Distribution have launch its Singapore Security Operations Center (SOC) in partnership with South Korean information security company, SK Infosec Co Ltd.

The new SOC focuses on the needs of businesses to gain insight into their organization’s security posture and increase their ability to react promptly to cyber security incidents.

Designed to equip businesses with capabilities to address today’s rapidly evolving technology and risks, the SOC will serve the needs of both enterprises and SMEs, a segment that is most vulnerable to security threats.